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Learn history where it happened with Tohu Whenua

Tohu Whenua landmarks tell some of our nation’s defining stories, which makes them ideal for students learning our history.

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Denniston - Life on the hill

A gathering 30 years ago of hundreds of former Denniston residents sparked the idea of Friends of the Hill, a community group that’s still actively connected to the coal-mining town – despite it being home to just a handful of people today

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Royal visits to Tohu Whenua

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II has visited Aotearoa New Zealand on ten occasions, between 1953 and 2002? Here are some of the Tohu Whenua she included in her itineraries.

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Flat-pack furniture at NZ's oldest house

The story behind the 200-year old mahogany dining chairs at Kemp House at Kororipo Heritage Park in Kerikeri.

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Brunner Mine’s iconic bridge

The Brunner Bridge which has linked coalfields on either side of the Grey River since the 1870s has a colourful past.

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Jane Takotowi Clendon

Jane Clendon was a strong woman of Hokianga Māori descent who had the odds stacked against her.

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Te Pahi

Te Pahi was a Māori leader who saw the benefits of trade with Pākehā for his people.

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Rongo Hongi, a remarkable wahine toa of the 1800

Have you heard of Rongo Hongi? She was a remarkable woman.

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