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Image: Queenstown Trails Trust

Explore Queenstown’s top three heritage sites by bike

Want to combine a Queenstown cycling adventure with some unique Kiwi culture?

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Image: Jason Blair ©

Brunner Mine’s iconic bridge

The Brunner Bridge which has linked coalfields on either side of the Grey River since the 1870s has a colourful past.

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Jane Takotowi Clendon

Jane Clendon was a strong woman of Hokianga Māori descent who had the odds stacked against her.

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Te Pahi

Te Pahi was a Māori leader who saw the benefits of trade with Pākehā for his people.

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Rongo Hongi, a remarkable wahine toa of the 1800s

Have you heard of Rongo Hongi? She was a remarkable woman.

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