Kororipo Heritage Park

A meeting place of cultures

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At the upper end of the Kerikeri Inlet you can explore Kororipo Heritage Park. The settlement was established by the Church Missionary Society under the protection of Chief Hongi Hika, who was a skilled leader in war and trade. In this area, Māori and Europeans came to trade, talk and learn from each other.

Culturally and historically it’s one of the most important sites in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Māori and Europeans lived side by side at Kororipo, and some of the most important early meetings between the two cultures took place here.

Explore Kororipo Pā, once the fortress and headquarters of Chief Hongi Hika. See the Stone Store,  the oldest stone building and trading store in New Zealand. Nearby stands Kemp House, New Zealand’s oldest standing European building. Constructed in 1822, Kemp House is a large European home built by highly skilled Māori and missionary carpenters, surrounded by heritage gardens and orchards.

Stroll along the tree-lined paths in Rewa’s Village, a replica pre-European Māori fishing village named after the great Ngāpuhi chief, Rewa. You can also visit the Discoverers’ Gardens to learn more about Māori native plants and traditional medicines. 

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